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The opposite of magic smoke Mag vs Battery Switch

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We all know that using a Battery Ignition switch on a Mag can create expensive magic smoke.  The reverse is interesting and less destructive.  the 1075 I am working on would start albeit hesitantly.  After cranking it a couple times it would fire up and run when you released the key.  Initial just figured being 52 years old it needed a tune up/carb cleaning.  Turns out some PO had installed heavy duty Magneto ignition switch.  Wired the coil to the Acc terminal which is only hot in Run.  After you got it spinning and released the key then the Acc terminal would feed juice to the coil and she would run. 

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Hopefully being 52 years old you don't find more PO mistakes and screw ups. Sometimes those that think they are good mechanics do some of the worst things. In my field we have a saying

"Struck By Technician" seen so really bad work over the years.

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