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Keith of kent

42"RD mower deck

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I have bought a 42"Rd mower deck to fit on my 73 Raider 12. The deck came from a C105 which I believe was made 1980-83. It has grease fittings in the center of each pulley. 

I need to get a spare deck belt (the one on the deck that links the spindles not the one from the PTO). I have looked through the manuals section and I'm not sure what model deck I have.

Maybe it's a 9542MR02? Tried looking for 42"RD in the manuals but some say they fit non C series.

Essentially I need the belt number but it would be good to have the parts diagram downloaded

Thanks in advance


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Maybe a 05-42MR01  Spindle belt is 106125 that was used on all the tachmatic decks (42RD for C Series 300s 400s 500s) 1/2" x 89"

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All the 42" rear discharge decks that will fit your tractor are listed here


There are subtle differences in the models like the bearings used and the blade center hole size/shape which may be more obvious to you.



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