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B-165: Alternative Rims and Tyres

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I'm looking to change the front tyres on my B165.    Tilly (I am not responsible for naming her or the name) will eventually be working in woodland so needs to have good grip.   We've replaced the rear tyres with these from Germany.   I'm going to have to jack the back a bit I fear so there is clearance but think they look the business.




However, for the front I need something that is either more quad like for the mud/grip in keeping with the above.  The following are: 15x5.00-6 2 PlyKenda K478 X-Trac Tractive Tyre; 4.10-6 2 Ply Snow Hog Tyre4.10-4, which is also available as a 13x5.00-6 Kenda K398 Polar Trac. 




Or maybe something that goes down the original tractor rib style (possibly slightly smaller than standard so she looks a little tipped down at the front).  These are 3.5-6 which I'm thinking would fit but would need narrower rim?



Has anyone done this?   What are my options?    Current size is 13.50/6.5x6.0  


Look forward to your thoughts and maybe photos?!!





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