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R. L. Addison

"D" Series Snowthrower Gear Box

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I bought a snow thrower (06-37SX01) and when I sorted out everything I had, this a "D" series unit that is incomplete. I tried to print a manual to see what was missing but could not get into another site I had joined, so still do not know anything about it except I don't think it was used but one time from the looks of it. Might be interested in trading or selling some parts, particularly the gear box if someone needs it to get running. Thought about trying to put it on one of my "C"'s but don't have the money to buy a drive shaft for it.


I can't read the number for sure, I edited original number to what I reread, but looks like possibly 06-137SX01 & sr#15616, w/9095 date.

Sorry about that, my eyes aren't what they were sixty years ago.


(309) 347-4530 

Pekin, Il. 61554

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Cannot read stamped number

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Garry- Where can I get a manual for a 97-03CB01 cab sr 03924? I downloaded one from yahoo groups, now it's missing and someone is interested in the cab and wants pictures and I can't figure out how to put it together again. any help appreciated!

 thank you dunngawn@hotmail.com

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On 12/1/2016 at 4:01 PM, gwest_ca said:

Right here



Garry- Got it, thank you very much

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