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HF Blast Cabiet Upgrades

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Since I managed to partially collapse my blast cabinet and smash the viewing window, I made some (hopefully) improvements while making the repair.

I would like to say I thought up the improvements myself, but as I searched for blast cabinet modifications I found tons of ideas.

I incorporated some of them now, and will do others as time goes by.

1st, I had to remove the gloves and the plastic thimbles through the cabinet to get the top piece back in place. 

I turned them around when I reinstalled everything so the gloves can be replaced from the outside...easier!

I also drilled the bolt holes a little larger for the viewing window glass casing. I installed 1/4" bolts from the inside out and installed a jam nut.

I also had to enlarge he holes in the plastic casing and allow for the thickness of the jam nuts. I then installed the glass casing using 1/4" wingnuts...Here again, I will be able to remove and replace the glass (& protective sheeting on the glass) much easier in the future.

Some time ago I upgraded the HF blast gun with a better one.

I know everyone loves pictures, so here 'ya go!








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Great ideas. I am modifying mine as well. On the viewing window, I am putting hinges at the top and magnets at the bottom, with a foam rubber seal around the edge. That way, I can just lift it up and replace the protective sheet when it gets foggy. However, the most important thing that I did was to remove that pitiful little florescent light and replace it with super bright LED flood lights. The project is tucked away right now while I am awaiting a replacement for my air compressor. As soon as I pull it out of the back of the portable garage, I will get some pictures.

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