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New from Virginia

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New here from Virginia.  I finally delved into the world of old Wheel Horse tractors.  I brought my first one home today during the hurricane.  Looking forward to learning more about it.  I found a 1973 12 automatic was advertised as an '74 Electro 12 on Craigslist, but a model search shows it as a '73 12 Automatic.  It came with a cultivator, push blade, and home made rake.  The guy I bought it from said he has been using hydraulic fluid in the hydro unit, my question is will that hurt it or should I swap it for something else?  I plan on cleaning it up, and restoring it that way it will last me for years to come.  I found the decals, but the kit I see has them for the center around the gear shift, and mine has a black plastic piece with all the writing on it.  Is that the correct piece?  Thanks.







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:WRS:       Nice setup, you did great. I would change out the hydraulic oil for some 10-W-30 and get a new NAPA 1410 filter for the Hydro.                 :text-coolphotos:

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Welcome to Red Square , nice to have someone from Va. to join. How was the weather down in Norfolk today?  Like the tool box and your space to work in. Looks like you got a good deal on the tractor and all the attachments.

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Thanks for the welcome.  I don't figure I did too bad for $600 for everything that it came with, and in that nice of shape.  It just had new points, condenser, coil, and battery.  Plus it came with a replacement (new) lift cylinder and tire chains.  Weather was ok down here.  I actually drove to Petersburg VA to pick it up.  My son told me the power flickered for a second while I was gone.

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