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Lane Huls

Starting a new pull, need class info

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I am co-chairman of the garden tractor section of our local tractor and gas engine show. Time has seen the fall of several events, the club president really likes what the chairman has done for the garden tractors at our show. The three of us are in agreeance of bringing some events back, and promoting the garden tractors more. I would really love to see us get a garden tractor pull going. We already have full size truck and tractor pulls. We have a nice small weight transfer sled that I know garden tractors can pull. The logistics is there for this to happen. What I don't have is any knowledge of classes and rules. Could you guys help me here? I think initially I would like to keep things down to mostly all stock classes. One or two over stock classes could be introduced if those types of machine were to show. I want to get it established first and foremost to introduction of classes to fit everybody. East central Illinois area

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Lane, check out this site, these guys have been doing this a while. Might be able to adopt some of their rules.


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Thank you, good start. Getting into the technical portion of it made me remember, why don't I have a chat with our truck and tractor pull organizers and see what information they have for me. This would be separate from the sanctioned pull, but their knowledge will be very helpful

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