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c125 playing in 11" of snow

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This was my first run with the wheelhorse in the snow due to a broke hand while in texas wasnt able to modify my manual lift for the snowblower and deffinatly coukldnt install or manually lift the blower with broke hand so had to dig the ole trusty plow out from the snow, by the time i got home this stuff has been drove on packed and even had one drive filled by somone who thought it was a good place to pile the snow from the street in front of the house.

the c125 did a very impresive job on all the snow and packing of it a neighbor stopped by to tell me he thought i would of just been sitting there spi9nning my wheels when he seen me start, after that he was so amazed he watched me plow everything.

sorry for the shortness and quility wife took vid with her cell phone. cant wait to hit all i did again tomarrow after we get the snow supossed to get

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