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Here is a coffee cup from the dealer I get parts from all the time.

It's in South Leeds near Arlington Wisconsin.

Jeff is the owner and he is quite knowledgeable about the older Wheelhorses.

Its been in business a long time.


South Leeds Garage.

N905, US-51, Arlington, WI 53911



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I scored what the seller had claimed was an original coffee cup from the Wheel Horse factory in South Bend about 10yrs ago off the popular auction site - finally dropped it once too many times last winter and now it's badly cracked and leaks - would love to find another one . Only markings on it is USA on the bottom , nothing else so no real idea of who made it and when....very heavy weight and well made .




If anyone knows anything about these - I'd love to hear about it and am actively looking for another one to replace the original . I've had one made but the red is badly washed out .



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