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oil seal

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Maybe....1st Welcome to Red Square.  :)  It would be nice to know what seal you replaced and with what seal...to verify it is the right one.  Other then that, it usually comes down to 2 things.  A burr on the end of the shaft or the key way ripped the rubber enough to leak.  File all burrs and put some tape over the shaft and key way when you place the seal on the shaft...or The shaft itself is worn enough so you do not get a good seal, or the bearing is worn enough so you get up and down or side to side movement of the shaft.

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:WRS::text-yeahthat: A quick way to check the bearing would be to raise the rearend  and see if there is any side to side or up or down movement of the axle. Check Steve's pinned thread here http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/42506-bearing-and-seal-cross-numbers/?page=1 to see if yo have the right seal. Should be good info on your transmission there.

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