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Installing Transmission Boot on shifter

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Danny, are you meaning that you're seeing the donut ring move up and down? Make sure it's secure to the shifter and is in good shape. It looks fine in the picture. There are two shifter forks in there. Each one has it's own rail that moves with it. One fork/rail is for 3rd and 2nd, the other for 1st and reverse. The fact that you have issues with 1st and 2nd makes me believe it's just a slight adjustment since you're moving different forks/rails for each one but you're moving the shifter to the right for both of them. I think I know the feeling of the 'drag' your mentioning.  :)

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I think I have an idea what your shifting issue may be.  Your 2 shift rails have 3 notches in each one.  Your 1st and 2nd gear notches and the neutral notches never see the light of day when using your tractor.  The outer notches (reverse and 3rd) are visible outside the shift rail post hole when you are in either 1st or 2nd gear.  You said you had water in the trans and that your oil was like cheese wizz.  If the horse was sitting for some time, you may have a little rust on the outer ends of those rails...could be why you feel the resistance.

           If you flushed out the trans and put in fresh oil, you probably just need to use the tractor to wear the little bit of rust off and you will be fine.  Maybe do another oil change in the spring or summer.  I know yours is not this bad, but it shows what I am talking about.  Shift rails are the round thingys on the top left.  :)



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Excellent idea Steve but I'm thinking that's not his problem because in post #21 he mentioned that it was fine in all gears before he put the new screw in. That's definitely something to keep in mind though.:)


Danny, just for giggles pull the shifter out and see how the dog point fits in the hole.

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