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tach a matic system

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what years was the tach a matic system available on and what attachments were used with it? also, 3 point hitch...found one cheap locally, not sure ifit's a good idea to put one on or possible? 1961 551

thanks guys

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The Attach-a-Matic stuff came out in 1973 although I think there is a front adapter for the 1970-72 tractors (such as the Raiders and Chargers) so they can accept the 1973 and up mowing decks and the front belt tensioner. You could get a deck, snow-blower, plow, tiller, generator, and a few others that would need to use the Attach-a-matic system to hook up. Tow behind stuff will work on anything of course.

The "61" 551 did not come with a 3 point and you would have to do some fabrication to get one on it. It also did not have any kind of Attch-a-Matic setup.

We had a thread on here about the list of available attachment and I'll try to find it for you. It was all the attachments, not just Attach-a-Matic ones.


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