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1973 10 8 Speed

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This is my grandfather on his 1973 Model 10 8-speed, taken some time in the late 70's or early 80's. (The side-view mirror was his own "special" add-on!) As an 11 year old when he purchased this tractor new, I had no idea what he had. As an adult, I was crushed to find out my mom sold it to a neighbor after he passed.

Happily, the story doesn't end there though, as a friend recently presented me with an amazing gift....a fully restored 1975 B-80 (photos posted further down the 1973-1977 forum)...a "replacement" of sorts for this tractor that was "lost".


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Completely original and intact 1973 10 HP 8 Speed Wheelhorse Tractor (aka, Raider 10 No-Name)

Model Number: 1-0365










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Original Restore of my 1973 model # 1-0365 Wheel Horse 10HP 8-Speed Lawn & Garden Tractor, original Kohler K241S engine, spec 46636D was rebuilt, upgraded the original side-discharge deck for a 1976 model 65-42MR01 42" Rear-Discharge Mower Deck, upgraded the plain front plastic placard with a model 8-0814 "Light Panel Assembly" (Head & Tail Lights) dealer kit, upgraded the original "low-boy" seat to the more comfortable 1974 stock "C-Series" seat, and a completely re-manufactured wiring harness. 






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