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Grew up on dairy farm, and my grandpa owned the Allis Chalmers dealership so I bleed orange. Didn't sell lawn mowers . My cousin told me we had to go look at some old mowers. Fell in love with the round hoods had to bring them home $425 for the two. Couple weeks later he showed up with charger10 paid $50 runs and mows ,so the collection begins . Any big Wheel Horse shows here in MI.

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:eusa-clap:   Now, I wonder...    :eusa-think:
has anyone ever done that? 

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It kinda has double meaning ,I done heating and cooling from 1986 until January 2011. I was in car accident and left me paralyzed from neck down . Have little use of arms and hands so my son and cousin help me out . I just love the thrill of the hunt for parts and maybe more tractors ( have to get them past the wife). So far the horse community has helped me out. I'll try to get some pictures posted soon.

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