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Kawasaki FD620D-AS17 Cam Gear

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Seems to me I read that most all plastics will go from 500hrs to 1000hrs with a significant chance of more going than the gear, but I can't find that note and might not have kept it...

My engine:
Kawasaki FD620D-AS17 serial 128730

What I've read:
"In February of 1998, steel camshafts went into all 620D engines.  The following engine(s) should have the steel camshaft and stiffer valve springs.  FD620D-DS02 with the beginning engine serial number of 149283…"

Sounds like mine was a bit too early to get a steel one.  Hopefully yours is 149283 or newer!

Steel camshafts replaced the plastic version in production models starting in February 1998 in FD620 engines so this problem does not apply to the following engines.
FD620D-CS00 – Beginning serial 153727 – John Deere Model F911
FD620D-DS02 – Beginning serial 149283 – John Deere Model 425
FD620D-CS01 – Beginning serial 150198 – John Deere Model 445
FD620D-ES11 – Beginning serial 152490 – John Deere Model 6×4 Gator

Videos of replacing cam gear    Http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/55095-1998-520-lxi-worker-rehab-survivor/#comment-512059
http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/55095-1998-520-lxi-worker-rehab-survivor/?hl= lxi


You can change the springs without taking the heads off if you blow compressed air into the cylinder via the spark plug hole.These parts work on most FD620D engines except spec numbers ES01 and FS01, these specs have a different governor arm & gear. We can get the correct parts, email spec and serial numbers off your engine so we can be sure what to order. From factory it would have been a white label that was put on the 1" x 4" raised part on the back cover of the engine facing the battery. after several years of engine heat and washings the labels would dry up and fall off. we can normally tell be the serial number if this cam kit is compatible with the engine you have. Please note that in the picture it shows the two O ring style valve cover gaskets. we are now shipping the flat Grafoil gaskets that John deere recommends you use. these gaskets are less prone to leak than the o ring gaskets. there recommendation is that you keep the O ring gasket in the valve cover, put some high temp rtv sealant on the O ring gasket then place the flat gasket between the head and the valve cover and tighten to the proper torque spec.

Suggest changing water pump, governor gear, and oil pump while in there. Watch the PTO seal.

Wondering if anybody has anything else to add to this.  Sound like I need to schedule an operation.

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