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Raider 10 (well more 3hp now)

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While out on the ol Raider yesterday collecting shelves (was suppose to be firewood but found the shelves instead) i noticed oil blowing out the cylinder head gasket :(

After a coffee and a smoke i pulled the head off to see what was going on, only to find loads of oil on the head, piston and bore :P:(

You might say this engine is a bit worn, worn enough to see the gap in the piston ring when the piston is at the bottom of the barrel.


The question is what to do about it :D

An oversize rebore and bigger pistons would be good, but the price of parts over here and actually finding a place for the rebore would be a right pain in the 'orse. :o

Finding another engine would be good as well, infact watching a slightly more powerful one on ebay at the mo but expect it to sell for way more than my budget :(

Are there any other makes of engine that could be made to fit without too much hassle?

It would be good if the PTO bits would fit the engine as well..

Any ideas guys?

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Is that a K241 engine?

There are a few things you can do right now...

Just wire wheel the top of the deck to clean it... make sure you stuff a rag in the cylinder...

The oil might not be the rings.. it might be oil past the valve guides..if it's the guides you can knurl them yourself to help the seal,

Pull the valves, clean them up, and lap them ...

Then check the head for flatness with a straight edge...

You might not need to do as much work as you think...

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Its a K241s, spec number 46636d well i think its d :P

I did check the head and top of barrel with a nice thick metal ruler that i hide away so i dont use it to open a tin of paint :(

Both came up nice and straight much to my surprise :D

When i first got the Raider the head gasket was blown in the same place it has blown again. The cooling fins which are just out of view buy the exhaust valve have rusted thin in places and rusted away in others :(

Im wondering if the less than it should be cooling at that spot is why the head gasket blowing.

The valves dont look that clean in the photo, they had a good clean-up when i replaced the head gasket.

Ive not even used it for a hour yet and its giving me major problems, then again after 34 years the engine is entitled to be a little tired


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