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mower deck Raider 12

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Hi to all looking for exploded view of shaft spacers and bearing numbers. Sealed bearing on top needle bearing cage on bottom. Only thing good is tower every thing else is junk. pulley spun on top of shaft. Can you still buy pulleys? And if so part # and where Any help would be great. :bow-blue:  

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Download this file

The A is the attachment list.Pick your deck from there.


Then use this file to see the spindle assemblies used

Click on the mower deck model in the index and a single page will come up with all the possibilities on it with part numbers.



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    • By Horse playing
      Hello, everyone and thank you in advance. I got bit by the bug a few months ago and bought a 1974 b 80  the rod broke, about a month after i bought it. So to keep my 4yr old mowing i picked up a c120 auto and i was going to change rear wheel seals pulled the hub to find the axle moves up and down and side to side about an 1/8"  what's involved in put in new bearing and does it need to be done now or a winter project. Thanks  
               PS sorry about the grammar
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      The 1533 bearings have finely arrived !!
      I have them listed in my store in the venders section just click on my banner - I will also have these at the Big Show 

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      I have a snowblower that has a bad bearing inside the auger on the chain side. Took it apart, and now I can't find a bearing like the one I need! One thing I need to know is if these parts are metric or American? If it is American, it is a 3/4" inside diameter, 1 5/8" outside diameter, 7/16" width. Anybody have a place they get them? Near Rochester, MN. It is a model 53321 snowblower I think as the model # plate is really scratched up. 

    • By WHX12
      Well maybe not for free but on a budget! Some of you old timers  may already know this trick.
      I wash my horses & decks alot. Almost after every mowing i wash the tops of the decks off and have underside quick wash connects installed on all of my mowers. The price I pay for all this cleanliness is usually payed back in the form of noisy deck pulleys, idlers & spindle bearings. Hence I have been known to spend a small fortune on pulleys & idlers that, for some, can be 40-to 50 bucks a wack. So after finally figuring out that these things just have common bearings in them that could be replaced if they weren't welded in tighter than a buxom beautie in a brass bra!!
      Alas no more....
      First step is wire brush the offending noise maker so you can identify where it is spot welded together. Usually a dark spot or a dimple marks the spot. Center punch the spot, notice the symetrical patern of the welds.

      Next drill out the welds starting with 1/8" bit then 1/4". proceed to 5/16' if it appears that 1/4 " did not take out 90% of the weld.

      Next position the pully on a block of wood and separate the halfs.
      Use a small cold chisel.

      It may take a bit of effort to separate them. If the half bend a little they can be hammered strait after apart.
      Remove the bearing & drive out the bushing if it has one.

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      When going thru my front end I decided to replace the front wheel bearings, the real common 1 3/8" x 3/4".  After getting a set of four off ebay they came with the grease seals on both the outside and inside. Question is should I remove the seals on the backside and continue to grease thru the zerk or let them ride as sealed bearings? My inclination is to let them ride as sealed bearings.