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'87 416-8 electrical woes

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Back story:


Bought this from the original owner.  Says he was mowing a few weeks ago and on the way back to the garage it sputtered and died.  He said he tried to crank it back up and it wouldn't turn over.



Current story:


Started tinkering last night and came to a few conclusions.  I put in a new battery and tried to crank it over...nothing.  Sitting in the seat, clutch pressed in, and PTO off I turned the key to the run position.  No headlights and the test lights wouldn't come on.  I hop off and check the 25A fuse...it's not blown, but it has taken some current and gotten hot.  One of the lugs on the fuse looks rough and one of the connectors in the fuse holder is brittle and breaking apart.  The other ATO fuse is in good shape.  So I take a pair of pliers and jump the starter solenoid.  It spins over and we have compression!  So back to the start, using the key switch does NOTHING!  I trace down the wiring immediately accessible and find nothing disconnected, cut, or chaffed.


Anyone care to lend me some ideas?



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The fuse block is notorious for causing problems. If you are handy with a meter, I would download the wiring diagram from our manuals section, and start tracing your wiring.

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