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Hi, from Rob in Staffordshire in the Midlands.

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Pleased to meet you all. I was bitten by the Wheel Horse bug a couple of years ago. It all started with my brother Brian giving me a C120 that wasn't working at its best. In no time at all it was running sweet and strong. I love the thought that they are like a big macano set and can be mended by a mechanic and not just have to put whole new assemblies on them.

He didn't tell me it was addictive!!!!

I have added to the stable a C160 and a C161 (European model with a Kohler magnum 14), both good powerful machines, each with a couple of different sized mowers in various states of repair varying from prestigne to pathetic!!

I have just purchased a D200 with a rear mounted PTO driven finishing mower and a PTO driven rotovater.

I have also got a WH tipping dump trailer and other bits and pieces.

Luckily for me I have got a 21 year old son who is also becoming an addict.

I just need to convince daughter and wife!!!

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Hey Rob,

Welcome to Redsquare!

A nice collection you have there.... We've been wondering who picked up the D200 off that site...

Let's see some pictures

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Welcome to redsquare Rob. You have a very nice collection which I'm sure you will carry on adding more! I would love to see some pictures.


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Welcome Rob, I was watching the 2 big D's, rare old beast an two show up at once!

I only had eyes for my model (C101) but in the short while I've know of there existence, I have taken a shine to them all.

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