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Snow Plow Info & Installation

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T-Mo-(Moderator)    2,429

With winter fast approaching in some areas and with more new members or members who need help with snow plows for Wheel Horses, here you go. I'm linking to a couple of very informative threads regarding snow plows. The first one is for general Wheel Horse snow plow information, i.e. identification, etc:

Snow Plow info (the long & short of it)

The next is for installing a snow plow with the attach-a-matic system:

Snow Plow installation

Lastly, if you have the aforementioned attach-a-matic system and need instruction for removing the deck before installing the snow plow, here you go:

How to remove an attach-a-matic deck

If you still need instructions, please ask, but go here first. Also, there are some snow blower instructions here:

Snow Plower Install Pics

Snow blower belt routing

Under edit:

If you have any questions and/or comments that is not covered yet, please post them in the appropriate threads listed above. Thanks.

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jellyghost    246

I got to this super useful thread through a google search, but all the links are dead!  I have been wrestling with the horse in a few inches of snow trying to figure out the attach-a-matic snow plow install.  Particularly, there is a little mystery piece.

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