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Need Pictures of Circuit Boards (Or dead circuit boards)

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As you can see the 470 resistor does a voltage drop but there is nothing in the way of regulation thus the chip is prone to fail simply by voltage spikes. Bad engineering by my thinking.  I believe its pointed out the 54L IC is specific and costs more and maybe might be hard to find. Maybe a different IC, a regulator circuit with some filtering and it might hold together. Still the best and only smart route is the latest board that simply uses diodes in place of the 54L IC.


Better yet would probably be the surface mount technology. As mentioned the cost will be lower and there are coatings that will keep the components on the board.

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So, I received the PC Board from eBay, took it to the shop, it's been almost 4 weeks, so I figured what that meant. (They are only open Wed-Sat)


I stopped by today, they said the used board doesn't work and he hasn't been able to find another one. So, I would really like to get one or have this one fixed. The shop assumes it's a diode or IC chip problem because he tested a lot of the resistors. 


My board seems to have about 5 bad resistors, the "used eBay" board has 3 that are out of spec, but should have been close enough.


I put in a request on the eBay board to return it.




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I will keep looking into it, but I dont know how fast.


Someone else will have to chime in here, but I think that board is not critical to the operation of the tractor. It will show the status of things, but should run without it.

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