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hydro eaton 1100

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If there is a leak in the draw up line, it doesn't leak cause it will suck "in" air and the oil won't come out of it when the air is comin in. Then when it turns off the oil drains down into the tank. Like half a drip would come out and you wouldn't notice till a few off and on's. But it doesn't leak out at all now. And it doesn't seem to be sucking in. I'm going to replace the draw up line anyway cause it's just patched for now.

But I would like to know if anybody else notices "super tiny" bubbles in their oil after it's been runnin???

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I have no experience with an Eaton 1100 so take this for what its worth.  I have worked on many other tractors with hydraulics,  when I see bubbles in the hydraulic oil it is usually from a suction side leak.  That is, it is some where in the line between the sump and the pump.  Usually a hose, o-ring, gasket or seal.  It sound to me like you are on the right track.

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thanks kurt .... my repair must be still leaking ... i am going to need a draw up line if someone has one cheap?!?!



and would a rubber hydraulic line be suffecient or is it drawing with so much pressure that it might collapse?? Anyone else replace this line with a rubber high pressure hydraulic line?? or maybe the metal one would still be cheaper

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