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Wrong belt?

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My friend just finished (almost) stretching a 312-8 in attempt to make a puller, he extended the frame and moved the engine forward. Of course the wheel horse drive belt was too short so he got a belt to fit at the local parts store. Now the clutch won't disengage the belt enough to stop the trans from turning. It seems to put enough slack in the belt but the belt still turns. I say the belt he has, not being a wheel horse belt, creates too much friction and just will not disengage enough to prevent  this. Am I wrong or is the WH belt a different material than a regular belt? Is there any other belt that would work as a WH, but a little longer. Recommendations? Thanks.

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The sides of the belt must be fabric covered - not raw rubber.


The belt guard must be in place. The bottom lip on the guard supports the loose belt so the slack can go the the engine pulley. With engine relocation I suspect the guard is not on it. Need to stretch it also.



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