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My Onan doesn't have spark.......

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Hey folks hope you can help. I'm pulling my hair out. I have a D160 that was retrofitted with a P220 previous to me purchasing it. I used it all this spring and summer but left it unused this fall for 6 to 8 weeks until the other day. It always started right up in the past. This time I couldn't get it to start it tried a couple times but then it would just roll over and over. I pulled the plugs and they were wet and full of soot. I cleaned them up and tried again with no luck. So I dug around and found all the service manual for trouble shooting the P220 Onan. The coil has the appropriate resistance of around 3 ohm primary from + to -  and 19K ohms between the secondaries. The control module goes from battery voltage to about 1 volt once per full revolution. I replaced the plugs with brand new and still no spark. I also hot wired the + side of coil from the battery with no change. 


 I'm out of ideas.and the winter snows are approaching fast.. 

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Posted (edited)

I fixed it inspite you helpful folks around here....it was the coil in spite of it testing as it should...

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