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Starter soliniod on 312-8

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Hey guys. The starter soliniod was sticking ON after the key was turned off on my 1989 312-8. I almost bought anew one today but I was pressed for time and couldnt stop off at the dealer for one.

Got home and removed it to find that its not a sealed unit like I thought. Its held on by 4 tabs. By bending 2 tabs you can work it out easily. Once its out you can see right into it from the backside and it wasnt moving smoothly so with nothing to loose I sprayed some silicone lubricant (small amount) into the center where the "plunger" is and worked it in by pushing gently on the end of the plunger with a small screwdriver a few times.

Put it all back together and it works fine. I tried it like 15 times and it released everytime :banghead: .

I included a pic of the style solinoid I have.



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Hi, Mike!

My '89 312-8 has just the opposite problem- sometimes (but not always) when I turn the key the solenoid snaps but the starter won't kick in. Second or third time it engages properly. I wonder if mine is sticking likes yours, just in the "out" position? I'm going to try your trick and see if it makes a difference! :USA:

Duff :banghead:

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