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18 HP Kohler + 61 wheelhorse good combo?

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Hello! I have bought a 18 hp kohler (stock) for my 61 wheelhorse, im going to pull with it and i want to know if the tractor will pull good and the engine, here is what i have on the tractor



*18 hp kohler


*future welded striaght axle good idea?


*original ag's


*300 lb tractor with around 140 pound driver with weights


* I dont know what rear end is in it 



THANKS! have a great day and thanks for reading my post!!!  :banana-tux: 



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Hello fellow Michigander!


Well I'm not a puller, but to me, knowing what rear ends were in 61 model tractors, if you really want to use that tractor, I'd look to upgrade with that much horsepower. Not that it isn't tough, I'd just dare bet it wouldn't last too long. I know the rear end everyone raves about is the 8 pinion 8 speed with 1.125" axles. With a little work I'm sure it would fit. I'm also guessing you would have to heavily modify the hood to get that engine to fit and if its a tractor in good shape, it would be sad to see an older one get all hacked up, but thats just me. Maybe look for a later machine that would be better suited for higher horse power? No doubt these machines can pull!



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Im wrong on the tractor year its actually à 63 model 603 and it will actually have à 14 hp kohler

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That's a pretty rare machine. 603's are more collectable than some of the other round hood models. A 14hp won't fit under the hood without heavy modification. I would save the tractor and find a 14 hp tractor that has the stronger rear end that can stand up to pulling

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