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Trans RPM question

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I thought I would post this question here as I see a lot of you puller chaps are running quite high HP engines at high rpm's.


As you will of seen my new project involves stuffing a bike engine with gearbox into a Raider, but I want to run the power into a Wh trans.. I've already located a trans with the bigger axles and 8 pinion diff :D


I know you can safely put 50-ish hp into these trans'sss, but what sort of rpm can the trans handle?

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I use to turn about 8000 RPM with one of the pullers with no issues. That trans received all new bearings and anything showing wear was replaced before i started turning that kind of RPM. I would not try it without inspecting the trans first. If any needle bearings are bad inside it wont take long to self destruct at higher RPM.

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Thanks Guy's, as it turns out I can't use the Wh trans with this project, Mark (Meadowfield) has done a few calculations for me (Ta Mark) and to get Project "Why Not" to even 35mph would be stupidly high rpm into the WH trans!

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