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Not wanting to be the first to open up a "can of worms", but I also have never been one to not shoot straight from the hip. So that question is like asking the question "Will this 1945 Colt shoot straight?". Without any other details about the tractor, or what you are expecting, no one can answer that question with a "probability percentage of great than 50/50 at best." There are so many variables. What class are you pulling in? What trans. are you using, what is your final gear ratio, how many rpms are you turning with the final gear you have? The list is endless. With so many variables, how bout we start off with some questions back:


  • What class are you going to pull in
  • What are your expectations
  • What rear end is in the tractor now
  • Believe it or not, what tires are you running

There are a few more we could get into, but start with that?



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no pictures right now its in my aunts shed it has the original rear end so im not sure what kind it has ags on it with a stock kohler its gonna pull in the twin 950 stock

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