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'97 48" deck spindle assembly

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I have a new to me 48" deck.

I struggled getting the old blades off to sharpen and balance, using using chemicals, torches, BF Hammers and magic words!

In the process, I loosened the nuts at the top and bottom of one of the spindles.

I tighthend them back down, but they spin loose almost immediately when I try to mow.

How tight do these nuts need to be?  Can they be too tight?

I can always apply more torque, or add thread locker, but I don't want to ruin a spindle or bearing.

P.S The mower worked just fine before I started messing with it!!!!!


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I think there are stops on the spindles. Meaning the nuts will only go so far. I would advise using lock tight to retain the spindle and pulleys. Don't use lock tight on the nuts holding the blades. The nylock nut should be sufficient for the blades. I usually use an open end wrench and hit it with a 4 lb hammer to break blades loose. I use the same hammer to tighten them. One or two good shots is plenty.

If I were at my home garage I'd be using a 1/2" air impact gun. Don't have that luxury up country.

A word of caution I always wear a decent pair of leather gloves when changing blades. Your knuckles will appreciate it.

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