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Any pullers near central IN ?

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I have never pulled garden tractors or really been to any pulls. But it sure looks interesting. I was looking around online for some clubs or people who pull near central IN. so I could learn about the trade.

In the meanwhile what are things that you guys use or do to build a competitive pulling machine. Rear ends, hydros, engines, exhaust, weights? Different classes I could be in to what kinda tractor I need to make?  Keep in mind I'm green and know nothing about this stuff. Been an originality restorer all my life so far....

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Join the group and look at the rules and classes. This year's schedule won't be out until the end of April, but you can take a look at last year's schedule and get an idea where the pulls are. We had one at the fairgrounds in Noblesville in 2011 and 2012, but couldn't work it into the 2013 schedule, maybe this year.

 Everybody in our club runs a gear drive Cub. I know this next statement won't be popular with people on a Wheel Horse forum and I understand that, I'm a Wheel Horse guy too, but I'm just being honest with you. Belt drive tractors aren't competitive in our club. I tried it my first year but couldn't make it work, came back with a cub the next year and was a lot happier.

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