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Snow Blower Auger bearing

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I looked at my usual place "napaonline.com" for a cross-reference for Toro bearing part number 101480, but couldn't find one. The list for the Toro part is $30 and I am sure that it is less than that.

As I was getting the blower ready for the snow tomorrow, the chain jumped off the auger sprocket. It appeared that the auger moved to the left (looking at it from the front). Thought it would be best to remove the auger and check everything out. Well the sprocket end seemed fine, but the other end the bearing is not so good. I greased it up good and fixed the original problem by shimming the left side so the auger couldn't move and put it back together.

It sounds great now, but I'm going to have to replace that bearing. Soooooo does anyone know what a valid cross reference would be so I can pick one up at my local autoparts store?

Toro part number: 101480

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The Stens website would be good to linked to. They have a lot of parts, blades, belts, etc.

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