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Adjusting a mowing deck

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17 hours ago, porschpow said:

fixed IT


Looks good......an what cleat said, about the trunion, washer and lock nut. Mine came with a regular nut and I backed that up with a lock nut also. I also put a washer between the lift bar and the hole on the 90 degree end where the retaining clip goes. That helps to keep the clip from bending out of shape and causing more slop in the linkage. I don't guess you ever figured out how you bent that bad boy so badly......what ever it was you prolly ought not be doing that too much anymore. Who knows what might happen next. :-o 


Hopefully it will stay in a straight line from now and wasn't weakened badly enough to where it will bend again with the slightest little bump or bang as you are mowing your grass. Those decks take a beating even when you have a nice flat yard to cut. Mine is like a log yard in a coulple of places.:text-lol:

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Bumping an old thread. (Again) Hi all, new owner of a c-141.  Was just reading the comments about setting the deck for mowing. Once you have the deck adjusted as described, if you were to set the wheels to a higher or lower position you would have to repeat the adjustment procedure with the jack screw. Is this correct?


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Deck should remain level at all heights once adjusted.


The 60" and some newer decks require adjustment to the front gauge wheels but level should be fine once set.

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