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'90 520-8 Muffler Shield

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Added a muffler shield to my '90 520-8 Stallion while I'm restoring it.

The shield arrived along with six [6] screws. I only have four locations on the muffler

to install the shield. Any ideas? The shield does have six mounting holes, two on the bottom which aren't seen but they're there(?).

Shield is used, was taken off a 520H. Works though. Horsey needed one! :smile:

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My 520-8 doesn't have the additional attachment points either.  520-H came with the SS muffler shield but the 520-8 came without one.  Also arm rests and hub caps were optional at additional cost. 


Part number for the 520-H muffler (provisioned for the shield) is 116471 where part number for the 520-8 muffler is 116470.


I had a very good muffler off a 416-H that I wanted to put on a 520-H.  It needed the tabs for the shield as your 520-8 does.  I fabricated them and welded them in place. If you choose to add them, be careful as a good muffler can be ruined. Onan mufflers are unbelievably expensive. 


Are you concerned that the restoration be all original?  Were you able to get "Toro" decals for the hood?

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My 520-8 muffler does have four (the top four) attachment points, good enough. It is holding the shield snugly.

Original to a point but, I didn't care (or don't care for) 'bout TORO. I am using Terry's decals (pic's in my gallery).

I don't know the 520's history but, I know it did have a few owners. I couldn't pass the deal up for the price. I believe the engine was replaced at some point, this one runs like a top.

I did see prices for replacement muffler as well as the shield. Ouch!

I think the shield (right or wrong) and Terry's decals look fine. :smile:

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