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"Reese-Sleever" Hitch 1.0

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Well, I have been thinking about making something like this for quite some time, and after buying one of Scott Moreau's custom receiver hitches, the time has come.


I wanted to make a sleeve type hitch that would work with the 2' square receiver. So far it is coming along pretty well. I actually have no real use for it at this time, as I have no plow or other attachments to hook it to. YET!


Today, I went to the garage to weld some of the pieces together as in the mock-up, but my drive gear on my wire feed welder gave up the ghost, so I will have to wait until the replacement parts show up to finish it. I have ground down most of the welds to go over them again prior to finishing.


I also have been fabricating a rockshaft and have that already to fit to the tractor, but again, the welding issue.  By the time the parts show up I will have everything measured and cut and ready to weld.






Now I have to work out a cable arrangement. 


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Very clever!

I have a new emergency brake cable that I was going to use on a snow plow angle release....maybe this will give you an idea....

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Update #1.


Some of you probably saw this coming, but today I pulled the seat and fender off my 416 to play with the fitment of the rockshaft.  Not a lot of room there with the gas tank under the seat. So after measuring and cutting, I decided that my initial rockshaft design will not be ideal for this tractor. I had based my work-up on some pictures of one from an older Wheel Horse tractor.  


Stand back, scratch head.  Scratch some other parts.  Move on.


So this is where I am at for now while I wait for previously mentioned welder parts to show up.  Everything is drilled, cut, and marked for welding.







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Update #2.


Got my clevis and cable sorted out. Sort of.  Just need to wait until I get the blower off the tractor to fit the clevis to the lift arm and get my cable adjusted.


I have attached a few pic's of the clevis/cable set up.  I will use a similar pin/clip and thimble on each end of the cable to attach  the other end to the rockshaft.






Still waiting for welder parts.


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Update #3.


My welder parts showed up a few days ago, and I finally got the pieces put together. I have my rockshaft painted, and will install it in the tractor when it stops snowing around her. Another winter storm watch in effect for tomorrow through Thursday.


As for the Sleeve hitch, I welded it all up and put some red oxide on it for now. I stuck it in the receiver hitch just to see what it looks like. Time will tell if it works or not, but I had a good time working on it just the same.







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what dose this do???



What this mostly does is give my brain and hands something to do when my wife can't think of something for me to do!


But on a more serious note, the idea is for it to be a Clevis "type" hitch that fits in a receiver hitch, rather than mount permanently to the rear axle housing on the tractor. As I don't have any implements yet that use the clevis hitch set-up, I can't say that it works or doesn't, but the hitch does pivot up and down with the lift cable, so it should work.

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