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      Attention Glen Pettit Customers:   04/11/2018

      If you have ordered from Glen, sent him an email, PM or phone call and have not received a reply, please be advised that Glen is currently recovering from some medical issues which must take a priority for him.  We at RedSquare ask for your patience with any requests which you are waiting a reply for from Glen and allow him the time he needs to recover.  If you have any questions or concerns which you feel the forum can address, please place a post in the talk to the moderators section.  Thank you.

08 . . Hood Ornaments

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Hood Ornaments not available at this time, in the process of having dies made to have them cast in Aluminum and then 4-step

'Mirror Chrome plated", this will be done in China, I'm going thru a Detroit-based Casting-Plating company that does this for the automotive industry, none of the Chrome like this is done in the US anymore (OSHA).  Have to have 1,000 of these made, plus the dies and shipping-customs-duty-taxes, expecting the total cost to be over $10,000, but they will look great, just like the photo below.    The retail price will be $25-$35 each, only in the Horse-Head style, I will make the black rubber base.  Expecting them by late June.   ( posted: Feb. 02, 2018,  Glen Pettit )


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