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WT 244 Pull Behind Tiller Question.

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Darcy    0

Could someone advise me as to the value of a WT-244 self powered pull behind tiller.

From what I've learned it was only made for a year or two from 1962 to 1964.

This one has a Briggs & Straton Engine. I have not been able to find a word about one of these with a B&S Engine on it.

I'd like to sell it & need a ball park figure to ask for it..

I am going to have a mechanic clean out the fuel line & carb & get the engine running. Prior to salling it.

My email is dfzahn@comcast.net & hopefully I'll see replies herr, as well



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CasualObserver    2,123

They never came with Briggs engines... original was a Tecumseh. I would say in the condition that yours is in, you'd be money ahead to just sell it as it sits. Don't pay a mechanic to do jack to it. If someone wants it, they'll want to put an original engine on it to be "right", or they'll put a good running engine on it themselves. I'd say as that sits... it would probably sell anywhere from $50-150 depending on how close you are to a collector who wants it, and how bad they want it. And in my opinion, running or not.... that value is going to be the same. I bought mine in that range, and it was running.

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