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'73 Mower Deck Identification

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My '73 12 hp, automatic, Model 1-0465 has a 42" (?) three blade side discharge mower.

I think (?) it may not be the 5-1010 deck which would've been original.

I did paint the deck, lube wheels, replaced belt, all's well so far. Runs fine.

Ordered a new decal set to complete the project. :)

The deck, unlike the documentation, has the two wheels adjustable with the hand lever.

Then, who knows?

Rear of the deck has two [2] rollers, diagram shows one.

Front of the deck has three [3] rollers, diagram again shows one.

Is it possibly a modified deck? Or, I'm guessin' again, not the 5-1010 I thought it was.

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Later model if it has the original spindles you could go by that. If it has Double D spindles it could be 75-42MSO1 . Then they came with 3/4" keyed spindle for the pulleys don't know what year they changed. The newer decks came with Metric spindles the pulleys are 5/8" bore with out keys.

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