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diesel cowboy

1054 s/g belt lenght

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Hello all, I'm working on getting my 1054 going so I can use it around work. I'm trying to find a belt for the starter generator and I'm not having much luck to find one that fits. I have the parts list that says its a 1593 belt. It crosses to a gates 6735 3/8x35 inch belt. Its too long. When I try to tighten it the s/g hits the battery tray. I picked up a 3L340 3/8x34 and its too short. The terminals on the voltage regulator hit the block and the top of the cover hits the arm for the adjustment bracket. All the stores around me that sell belts cant find a 34 1/2 inch belt. One had a 34 1/8 but I'm not sure it will work and they dont like to take returns on belts so I didnt want to waste my money on something I cant use. I was thinking of trying a 1/2x 35 or 36 because the pulley on the s/g looks like it would take one but the one on the engine is definatly for a 3/8. Any sugestions on what I can use for a size? Also I thing it has the wrong bracket for the adjustment. All the pictures I've seen of it show a piece of flat stock with a hole and a slot. Mine is cast iron. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance, Stewart

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1593 WH nla Kohler 10, 12hp Starter generator belt {3Lx34.4"}*

7340 Gates .410"x34.58" 36 degree

25-7340 Napa .410"x34.58" 36 degree


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