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Rebuilding a hydro pump from a D

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didnt know about this thread. thanks guys for the teardown and rebuild step by step, i have a piston-piston and 2 hydrogears to mess with and you guys have just pushed me enough to get into them......

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I did this quite awhile ago and a few guys had messaged me about how uselful it was. I spoke with Karl and He was awesome enough to put it here for everyone to get some usage out of. I'm glad you found it Martin and I hope it helps with your C-160. I know how you feel about falling in love with them. I have my C-160 8-speed for a week now and its my favorite by far!!! Having some issues with her but its all getting sorted out little by little.

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Is the pump what could be causing me to have no reverse? Goes forward fine, rear and mid lift work fine. But to back up in have to throttle all the way up to go backwards as slow as a snail.

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