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hh120 ignition problems

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If i test both windings on the stator than i can use the overnight solutions correct?.

From Dale’s site

“My replacement will operate from either AC or positive only voltage. 10A or 20A stators produce AC non-rectified voltage, so these work perfectly.â€

Your earlier post stated you had a #610761 stator – 10 amp.

How do i test both wires, Do i Need to do an open test and a tickle test? to see if the two windings on the stator is good or bad?

Yes, an open circuit on the charge coil could be the reason the original SSI module doesn't fire.

Check the stator as follows – first the charge coil ohms

(click to enlarge images)


then, check the battery charge windings (although you never said you had any reason to doubt them )


the questions i asked at least i can get a head start getting parts depending on what set up i will use thanks for all your help and time Eric L.

Smart move

And you are welcome. Keep in touch.

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