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800 Special

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Hello Donnie here. As some of you know I had my frame stolen in front of my garage. I had all the parts ready to go back together and the frame was gone. I was at a loss as to what to do next. So I made a post on Red Square asking for someone to sell me a frame. I had three people answer my post. Wheel-Mule, m151a1 & SpecialWheelHorse. I want to thank all three of you for answering my post. A real BIG THANK YOU to SpecialWheelHorse, for selling me the 800 Special. Also want to thank the people behind Red Square without them none of this would have happened. I am putting up some pictures & will post more as the build goes along.






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They had 8hp briggs with a starter gen. and they came with a elect. clutch, probably because of the briggs engine and the side load with a manual one, I've had a few of these 800's, That one looks to have the orig. seat in good shape, another thing that I've never seen on another WH model is the light block off plate, on these tractors they had a black border, and the horse logo is a bit diff. than the rest. that looks to be a very good stating point.

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Those are nice tractors. Had a friend start out on one of those pulling. He had only one problem. Tt

he gear shift would get stuck in two gears. I'm not sure the trans model but I believe its a peerless trans. Upright though. A very nice start none the less.

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BadDad, Would you mind posting a pic of the id tag? Just want to see if it

says Briggs and Stratton or Wheel Horse. I have one that has Briggs on it.


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I will be checking this every day. Great Pictures. Can't wait to see moms old tractor come alive again.

Jim Rodgers

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Here are some pictures of the engine that I have for the tractor. One picture shows the frame where the engine mounts has two rubber mounts. The engine I have has a flat plate to mount the engine to the frame. The book I have shows the left side has two rubber mounts & the right side has two spacers. So I think the ones on my frame are the wrong ones. What do you all think? Also as you can see I will be looking for a starter generator.





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Hey Donnie: Since that had a Kohler in it there is no telling what changes were made to the mounts

if any. Wish I had a spare SG I;d ship it down in a minute. Jim

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Well I got a starter generator. It is going back together slow. I need to locate a gas tank & build a wiring harness for it , & then it will ready to try.

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    • By Shea Worden
      I am getting a decal set for my only tractor, the C81. I was wondering if the 55 dollar price was too much. Let me know-I am getting them tomorrow. Also,they look pretty authentic to me but i am a newb. Some feedback would be  great. 
    • By Zeek
      In anticipation of a future move, I have to make some room. Regrettably, I am selling my 1972 Raider 12.
      It was complete restoration down to the frame that I spent three years on. 
      I had a mechanic friend rebuild the engine which included a cylinder honed, new rings, new bearings, new valve job, new gaskets, new points/condenser, new plug/wire, new head bolts. Factory Nelson muffler.
      Rebuilt with new throttle plate bushing
      A Toro dealer split the case and replaced every gasket and seal and inspected for any problems.
      All four brand new Carlisle Turf Saver.
      Original two piece frame and cushion stuffing. The top and bottom cushions were custom made. The top has the original Wheel Horse emblem from the original tractor sewn in.
      New amp gauge, ignition switch. Every single wire including battery cables was replaced with new and placed in plastic flexible conduit where possible.
      Some custom parts were made like the hood latch rod and the rear clevis pin which were custom fabricated by buckrancher. Things like the steering wheel and dash were completely redone by hand. Cables are all new from a Toro dealer.
      EVERY SINGLE PART on this tractor was either refurbished or replaced. Even things down to the fuel shut-off gaskets and steering wheel shaft dash bearing. It's actually nicer than it came from the factory. If you have seen this at shows and looked at transmission housing, you saw that it was completely smoothed with no rough casting because it was refinished by hand. Any bare metal looking part was polished coated with Sharkhide sealant. It has custom chrome lugs that thread from the rear like a car  hub.
      There is nothing that needs fixing or may need to be fixed - EVERYTHING works as it did from the factory.
      I'm selling it as a package with the unrestored deck and plow. Both are in very good condition and include all the brackets. I will include the original decal set to restore them if you like. I'll even give you some of the old parts if you like.
      If payment arrangements are made I can bring this to the show in June in Biglerville if you cannot arrange to get it before then. I'm not really interested in delivery except to the show, but if you have an idea we can talk.
      Coincidentally, this tractor will be featured soon on Classic Tractor Fever and be on the calendar for 2018. Show Shot 
      I can provide a CD of all the hundreds of photos from the actual build to completion if you purchase the tractor. This is not posted for sale elsewhere at this time. I would rather have it go to a Red Square member before I make it public. 
      Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions or need a picture of something specific. I can arrange a video of it running if you like. 
    • By Horsing tuff
      Here is my semi-restoration project. I Just cleaned mine up a little and stripped all the sheet metal and repainted it. I used IH red paint color. I purchased this 520H at an auction a year ago for$400  it has a rock solid 62" most deck. I also have a 2 stage blower for it. I am waiting for my new bar tires. 
      Thought I would share it here

    • By andrewLL
      I have recently bought a cheap old gearbox mainly for the cast hubs that the wheels bolt to, then I thought as it turns a little but can't change gear or anything like that it would be interesting to look inside!!  Do they all look like this?  Can it be brought back to life?  It's now soaking in a tub of paraffin to see if it will clean up.  It's a 4 speed with high and low ratios with a 1 1/8" axle, I think I read somewhere that there are two sizes of axle.  Any thoughts?

    • By Loganthedoctor
      So this is my first wheel horse and i love it. Swapped an old 8 horse on it and it runs great. But the paint was going and rust was starting so I decided to fix that so here are the pics 

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