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Removing A Flywheel Off Of An Ole RJ 55-57

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If you ever have ran into removing a flywheel off of an Ole' Kohler engine like is on an RJ 55-57 that dont have the bolt holes tapped into the flywheel on each side of the crankshaft you could invent a few new words that are not listed in your dictionary! :whistle:

Take an impact socket and place it between the flywheel cooling fins on the outside edge of the flywheel. Give it a good Rap with a deadblow hammer on several spots on the outside edge of the flywheel. The take a prybar and apply behind the flywheel forcing outward. Make sure your flywheel nut on the crank is in place to ensure that you wont damage your crankshaft threads. Give the nut a good wrap while applying outward pressure with your prybar on the flywheel and the flywheel should come loose! :WRS:


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