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"Spec numbers"

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I am considering swapping a 10 or 12 horse Kohler into my Raider 9 with the Tecumseh HH100.

I have read some things that lead me to believe that not all Kohler engines are created equal. I do not want to fight the thing to get it to fit and I would like to use the PTO.

Does anyone have any information on "spec numbers?" What is different between a Kohler from a Wheel Horse and one that was in, say, a Cub Cadet? What should I look for to make a clean swap? How much is a decent motor worth?

If there is another thread on this, please link to it.


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The experts will chime in here soon, but what little I know -

watch out for the PTO shaft size and length from other brands/Kohlers. If it came out of a WH it can be made to work fairly easy. Also, engine height, different oil pans might used.

Might be some wiring differences - watch the Ign. Switch layout.

Might have to change throttle, choke cables/routing

Kind of depends on what the engine comes off of, but these are some things to look at.

Motor worth - thats an open ended question as always based on condition, location, availability, etc. etc. Seen them go for $250 but usually MORE

Tom B

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