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Trying to ID NOS parts by number

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I have a bunch of NOS and slightly used parts that I looked up on Partstree and could not find. If you could help me with a good source to research them that would be great. Once I figure out what they are I will list most if not all for sale here first. Thanks-

Here is the start of the list I have

105074 mower deck spindle (metal older style) (I have spindle bushing for this one too -no part number)

8389 mover deck spindle (metal older style)

6403 left side fot pedal (clutch/brake?)

103599 or 589 left side clutch pedal (used)

5640 lift lever housing? I have two - one is nos and other is used

5797 smaller tie rods (I have 2 of them)

105 147 bracket?

225407 bracket

225407 round hollow shaft with holes

102781 nos gear

9295 mower deck bracket ?

8890 some type of selector (I have 3)

5786 triangle shaped bracket with 1 grease fitting

7701 looks like 3/4 shaft

7587 bushing ?

102691 short shifter?

100329 looks like a small sized coil bracket

104729 Looks like pto part

6072 possible 3 point clevis

7584 shaft with thread on one end

9296 possible wrong number -pto bracket?

102569 3 point cat 0 pin?

104855 throttle cable bracket?

9797 says dozer hook

6745 angle bracket

102861 some sort of flat spring ?

108384 bracket

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Yes I just went through most of your list, click on the part no. that best matches what it is, and on the right a list will so what it fits.

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