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Thanks Dale!!

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Hey Dale. Got the hub tool yesterday and it looks GREAT! Now if it would just stop pouring cats and dogs outside I would get a chance to use it. I have a 1" hub on a 8 speed tranny mounted in a GT1100 that has been holding tight for a long time. I even destroyed a 3 jaw puller(Harbor Freight cheepy) by cranking it to tight :P . So I'll give ya a status on the hub after the weather clears up and I get a chance to "pop" it off :D !


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I hope it works for you! We might have to come to an arrangement though. Being the lazy type, I always use impacts on pullers. Just too much work to keep it from turning with a bar in one hand, and cranking on the center bolt with the other.

When a hub didn't come. I cranked up the impact.

Then I got a bigger impact.

Then I managed to break the nut loose.

Then I welded it back on stronger.

Then I stretched the threads.

Then I welded on another nut.

Then I finally pulled the hub free.

If I was to make anymore, I'd either use a 5/8 bolt, or use a longer coupling nut.

Dale, giving fair warning, and maybe a refund, in Michigan

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So to solve that, lock the center screw with 2 extra nuts on both ends, then use the hub bolts to remove the hub, it will take longer, but for those tough hubs it would probably be easier on the tool. 1/16" turn each go round would do the trick!

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