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Got a question about the engine

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Well a few questions

1. Should I have a spring on the governer somewhere?

2. How do you adjust the points?

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The governor spring is fastened within the bottom of the governor arm by a screw. There are no other springs used on the 8hp K series engines used on Wheel Horse tractors.

The "U" shaped end of the spring slides into the slot on the throttle control disc (mounted behind the hex of the governor shaft bushing) and no-load RPM is adjusted by loosening the bushing with a 3/4" wrench and moving the throttle cable bracket. (behind the control disc) DO NOT over-tighten the brass governor bushing! (I believe the torque spec is 10 to 12 ft lb)

Points are adjusted by turning the engine over until the push rod opens the contacts. Loosen the screw holding the points to the mounting bracket and use a flat-blade screwdriver in the notch above the screw to open or close the gap between the contacts. Recommended gap is .020".

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