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Electro 12 hyd. hose's

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Well I scabbed up some temp mounts for the 16hp I have and put it on the Electro. My main purpose was to see if the hydro unit worked. It moves forward and backwards. I noticed the a few of the hoses on the mid lift valve were leaking. It looks like the fittings are supposed to swivel but these swivel to much. I've read before about Wheel horse using some oddball hydro fittings and was wondering if that applies to this. The fitting going into the valve has an Oring, looks like 3/8's. I don't have anything to compare to so I thought I would ask here. Thanks for any help.

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Tim, I'm using standard JIC hoses with adapters for the o-ring ends. They are fairly common, but double check the lengths of the adapters. Some of them (especially the 90 degree) are too long for use around the pump. They stick up so far they hit the toolbox and fenders.

And yes, I think 3/8 is correct.


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