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ID Tractor and Snow blower

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I have an 1972 or 74 Wheel horse with a 44 inch mower, snow plow, and snow blower. The mower and blade ork fine but I am having trouble mounting the snow blower. Tractor seril # 91-12KS0121501 9190 Blower #ST326 274936.

I need the modle of the tractor and aill the blower fit??? Paul

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First off welcome. Your tractor is a 1979 model. You can tell that from the "9" from the first digit in the VIN.

VIN is 91-12KS01,

Serial number is 21501

Date manufactured is 9190, 190 day of 1979.

It is a C-121 Auto. The deck is either a 42" or 48", measure the blade length.

Others will chime in on the Blower, that is a 1966 blower and I am not that well versed on making the older stuff work on the C-Series...

Football is on....

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