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551 tuccy

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I was wonderin if somebody out there has a 551 or 552 that they could take a pic of the linkage on the fan shroud. I dont believe thatmine is setup correctly. I just finished up rebiuldin the carb and hopeing it'll run.

I couldn't believe the steerin wheel rollpin and wheel came right off. I hope this is a sign of things to come.

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OK, so I have spark, gas and compression, on a kohler this would be enough, but O no not with a tucumseh. So i do some lookin into whats up with this thing, online and several call to Carl ( local wh guru).

First up is to change the points. Carl says come on over and get them. I head over and pick up a set and a head gasket so I can time it, and off I go on my merry way.

Easy right, WRONG, it takes a OLD style points and condenser, and the set won't work. modify the condenser so it does, and set timeing.60th.

Got it reasseblied nice blue spark, clean the sediment bowl and carb bowl for good measure.

Got a POP POP and flames out the carb, figure timein aint right, and i set it with a dial indicator, soes tear it all back, check the timeing, reset to 80th.put it all back together then I get just a POP.

I do this a couple more times same results and now here I sit. :thumbs: :wtf: :thumbs:

So before I throw the motor out thru the closed window, I figured I'd ask for some tips from you guys and watch speed channel to mellow out some.

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