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1965 1045

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In the book "Straight From The Horse's Mouth" it states this is a 1965 model

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Got this 1965 1054 from an 88yr old gentleman that had bought it at one year old from the OE, so it had pretty good provenance for most of its life and it was in surprisingly original condition, though pretty badly neglected with poor maintenance and sitting outside. Gas tank rotten, with rust flushed all through system, front suspension/steering badly worn/sloppy, LOTS of rust, with some places eaten through, wiring a total mess, no grille/headlights, engine on verge of throwing rod, bad tires, etc, etc. Completely disassembled and sand blasted everything, replacing/repairing any thing needing it, using Rustoleum 'Sunrise Red' for paint.


While I did want to bring it back to 'original' as possible, many will note that I veered from that in places, but I think I was still able to stay pretty close to a Wheel Horse look. The most obvious is the seat - my thinking was the original seat was a pretty poor design anyway and after market seats are plentiful and cheap, so --- thats a Target seat off a handicap scooter! Steering wheel is a 3 spoke instead of a 2. The original size rear tires are non existent, so they are larger. A sharp eye will also note the addition of caster wheels on the front of the deck, I thought the original skid bar was also a poor design, so I made a correction there also (and casters there work MUCH better too) Also a sharp eye will notice I went to sleep when I put the hood decal on!! Oh well, aint that big a deal, I guess... (the hood was on the bench and not on the tractor...)


Heres a link to all the pictures I took during the rebuild - quite a few of them, but I know that when I was doing this rebuild, scouring through the many pics here on the forum I was able several times to see an area that I had been puzzling about and the pic would help me, so maybe one in this bunch will help some one out.






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I couldn't post to the other 1045 thread, so here is a picture of my 1045 with a rare RM-425 deck.






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